Supernatural - A little backstory

This track is a testament to the power of the internet.

I assume a few of you might be wondering how I went from making my home-recorded videos and songs to collaborating on a fancy future-bass EDM track with APEK.

The short version of the story is that it all started on Soundcloud. 

Last October, Max (MAXR - the other co-producer of the song) hit me up on Soundcloud and asked me if I wanted to do vocals on the then instrumental-only track that would eventually be Supernatural. (Full disclosure, I get a few messages like this every so often and if they send me a sample I'll almost always listen to it, but I don't always vibe with the sound of the tracks for my specific voice, so I don't end up working with everybody that contacts me.)

At that point I didn't know he had plans to do anything with the song other than put it out on his personal Soundcloud.

The first time I heard it, I immediately loved the song. Even without the vocals, it's an extremely uplifting track and captures a really wonderful exuberant feeling and I was instantly humming melodies along with it while listening to it in my car. I then started talking to Max about what he had in mind for vocals. I tried a few things and ended up with the Supernatural lyrics and I recorded them on my home-recording setup and sent them over. Max said he dug it and was excited to release it.

This is all via email so far.

Cut to a bit later and he tells me he's contacting labels about the song (which sounded scary and legit to me, but I didn't question it). At this point Enhanced Music picked up the song and that's when Max put me in contact with Josh (APEK) to actually record the vocals in a studio. From what I understand Max and Josh also met via Soundcloud and they'd been working together for a while and made this track together (more internet magic).

I drove down to LA from Santa Barbara, meeting Josh and Matthew (the engineer, also talented producer) for the first time the same day we recorded the song. The studio was in what looked like an apartment building in downtown (I know very little about LA, sorry).

I'd never actually been to a real studio to record before so I felt a little out of my depth. Josh had just been touring internationally and had recently released the song 'Traces' which was racking up thousands of plays, but much to my relief he was genuine, enthusiastic, and completely non-condescending. Matthew was super passionate about his work and interesting to talk to, and they both made me feel very welcome and relaxed.  (I know it sounds a bit cliche to say all this, but I was expecting to feel really small after working with people who'd accomplished so much). In reality it was actually really motivating and inspiring to be around people who are so passionate about what they're doing.

Actually standing in the vocal booth was pretty scary. Supernatural isn't a terribly hard song to sing, but I was too nervous to warm up in front of everyone (stupid, I know) so the first take of it was a little pitchy and my confidence wavered. But even just singing through it once warmed me up and I started to get into my zone. I think all the years of me going through the painful routine of setting up all my equipment and video cameras, doing my makeup and hair, trying to control my stupid face, hitting record, singing on key, playing guitar -- all at once, over and over again, all the while  praying for that one 'good enough' take to actually post, makes just standing there and singing feel pretty easy. Working with Josh and Matthew, we got the lead vocals, harmonies, doubles, and some extra stuff recorded in a few hours.

The best part of the experience was the conversation we had as we worked. Josh and Matthew were so interesting and insightful about the experiences they've had working with labels and their experiences with working as full-time musicians. It was cool to see how they'd learned how to navigate the business side of the industry so they could enjoy the creative part. It seems pretty exhausting trying to balance all the people who want a piece of everything that gets made along with the labels, the social media, and the promotion of everything. We celebrated at the end of the session by listening to the unmixed final version of the song. Needless to say I was stoked.

All of this happened in December. At the time I figured, the label wants the song, we recorded the song, they'll mix it, master it, put it out in a week or two.

Turns out, that is not how anything works in real life. The reality is that labels are concurrently managing a huge number of releases at any given time and they meticulously schedule out which tracks come out when so they can adequately promote each track individually. It's a whole system of things happening and alas Supernatural didn't get released until almost six months later, June 10th. 

Now the song has only been out three days, but as of writing this it already has over 70,000 plays on Soundcloud and over 40,000 views on youtube. I can't take credit for much of that, because Josh has a huge following that he's grown after releasing several extremely successful songs (with millions of listens each on Spotify) and organically growing his fanbase through consistently releasing high quality music and making a genuine effort in connecting with his listeners individually (just look at the comment section of things he puts out and you'll see he responds to most messages and comments he receives). But whenever I see a comment complimenting the vocals, it feels really amazing and so far this experience has been incredibly cool. I know a few of my friends and listeners were probably surprised at this song and the production quality, and it's exciting for me to be able to try something new and different.

So that's the story of how I got involved with Supernatural -- thanks to the internet.

Oh did I mention they made a music video of the song? I had no idea what it was going to look like until I saw it but I really hope people think I'm the girl in the video because she's SO f*cking pretty (lol).

Cheers! xoxo


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