Sunburnt Songstress

Hi friends! Just wanted to say hello. Here is me in front of a flag looking sunburnt af and extremely cheesy.


I pre-uploaded my last four videos because I was going to be traveling a bit and needed a break from my computer -- but the Issues Loop Cover marked 12 weeks straight of covers! (shia labeouf slow claps)

And to be honest, that was plenty for me. It was enjoyable and a good challenge to try to make so much content so quickly. I felt proud of the fact that I was able to put out high quality stuff during that time and my Dua Lipa cover is actually doing pretty well so far in terms of views and we'll see how the others perform as well.

However I'm doing away with my strict schedule in favor of more a organic upload schedule, because my current main focus is writing originals for another EP or LP (we'll see how it goes) and trying to find a new job slash move countries/cities/houses.

As some of you may know, I've been living with family abroad for the past 7 months and have spent through every penny I saved up (practically) and I am ready to face real life again (maybe). So life is busy, songs are being written by my brain but not by my hands.

Really appreciate those of you that still reach out to me about the EP and my other covers, I know you are probably doing it only in passing but it really means a lot to me and I wish I had more time to respond to everyone and get to know you all better.

Much love. Thanks for sticking with me. xx