Playing in public

Busking -- the art of playing music in places you weren't invited to people who didn't ask to listen to you.

In my experience with busking, it often involves people throwing you money, other people ignoring you completely (totally fine by me), and a lot of conversations with homeless people. I can see in people's eyes walking by when they play music too -- I think a part of them really wants to ask me for a turn on the mic. If they ask nicely enough I'd probably say yes. (Unless I feel like they could run off with my guitar and I couldn't outrun them....sketch.)

Yesterday, I played a gig I was actually invited to. I was actually paid for it too. (MOM, LOOK I'VE MADE IT.) It was at a winery and I invited all my friends from work. It was totally awesome feeling all that real-life support after so many months of playing music only for myself in my room or the studio. I love the social media commenters with all their exuberant support, but I'm convinced half of them are spambots and I question the sincerity of the other half almost as much. But seeing people smile or nod their heads to my music makes my whole goddamn year.

In other news, this website is finally coming together!! I'm gonna make some business cards like real adult person. It's gonna be great. It's gonna be yuge.