Wasted Youth (Lyrics)

This is part of a series of posts about all the songs on the EP "A YEAR AGO". Listen free (or name your price) on Bandcamp or buy on Itunes.

Can't afford to leave, Can't afford my rent
Looking for reprieve but this place wont relent
Tied my arms in knots, Should I tell my boss?
I think I'm gonna die here unless I
Hit the road, hit the gas
bring some cash, get out fast
I think I've lost my mind
Went outside, almost cried
If this is life why am I
Why am I still here?
Wasted youth 
Counting pennies, buying things
we don't even want or need
Wasted time
and I'm getting sick of it
I tried to keep a job
Remember to call mom
she tells me I'm doing something right
But now I'm not so sure
I'm sick and found a cure
Getting out before it goes
Take a pill red or blue, you come too, something new
Something borrowed too
Give it up, out of luck, leave the stuff in the truck
I just wanna feel your love

Wasted youth 

Counting pennies, buying things

we don't even want or need

Wasted time

and I'm getting sick of it


As I re-listen to this song, I feel like its pretty self explanatory and transparent. It was written in a mindset of frustration, and is one of my favorites from the EP just because it was more heavily produced and I'm a sucker for any sort of percussion and it also (sadly) is just very true to my life. I hate the cycle of earning money to pay to live close enough to drive to work everyday, for a job that feels like you're only doing it for the paycheck. Stability is for people with a lot to lose, but when you're young I believe regret is the only thing to be scared of. Also my dad got a huge kick out of the 'red/blue pill Matrix reference', which further cements this as one of my favorite songs I've written so far. Hi Dad.